A Few of My Favorite Things - Sonoma County Style

Fav coffeeFlying Goat, all locations. This place gets crowded, so brace yourself.
Fav tea: Acre Coffee (love their chai). My friend loves their turmeric with some other thing tea. It's gnarly looking...bright yellow, but turmeric is the new mega-healthy ingredient. Rumor has it that Acre is opening a new Santa Rosa and Petaluma location to help with crowd control. 
Fav Italian foodCatelli's, Trattoria Cattaneo, my friend, Simona, adores Riviera Ristorante in Santa Rosa...very authentic.
Fav burger: Five Guys vs In & Out...the classic battle for supremacy. You be the judge and get back to me on that one.
Fav pizza sliceMombo'sExtreme Pizza, although NYPie in SR is supposed to be really, really good. Sorry, I just haven't stopped in yet. It's on the list of to-do's. I know, life is hard sometimes :)
Fav Mexican foodLa Rosa (definitely more Mexican American than traditional Mex, but the margaritas are fantastic and they have super attentive, swift service), Taqueria Santa Rosa at Montecito Center (great for take-out), El Farolito HBG (more on-point from an authenticity standpoint and one of the few cheap restaurant eats in HBG). 
Fav falafel: Yes, I do have a fav falafel place and you should, too. Head to Sebastopol for King falafel's very fresh, flavorful and flakey falafel. Order it spicy if you're really brave. They will pack up a dozen to go so that you can enjoy at home for dinner. Delish. 
Fav florist:  Wow, this is a tie. I love ordering delivery from Stems in Santa Rosa. They are reliable and seem to have creative, fresh designs. If you're looking for a more "country" experience, though, head to Dragonfly Floral for a class, a little walk-about or grab some flowers for your table. They have a lovely delivery service, as well. This is more of a destination.
Fav nachosSweet T's in Santa Rosa (really, they're fantastic). Also, any dessert on the Sweet T's menu. They're all out-of-this world.
Fav 'grown up' dinner spotChalkboardFarmhouse Inn RestaurantBarndiva, any of the Stark restaurants, although Willi's is still my all-time fav.
Fav 'with the fam' dinner spotRosso'sMary's Pizza ShackHealdsburg Bar & GrillCampo FinaLa RosaZazu Kitchen but only in the summer and with a quick stop afterwards at Sub Zero Sebastopol for ice cream (original cream with chai flavoring and no add'l toppings for me, please...yum!)
Fav wineries:  Any and all. They each have their own personality and I would choose according to my mood and/or the guest list. Email me for assistance with choosing the right experience for you. 
Fav cheap fun:  Wednesday Night Downtown Market in Santa Rosa, walk along the bluffs in Sea Ranch,